Beschreibung von Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 34

Bibliographische Beschreibung

152 + i(paper).
295 mm x 220 mm
Persistenter Identifier
urn:nbn:de:hbz:kn28-3-13667 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Weitere Angaben
Köln, Dombibliothek Hs. 34
HMML Microfilm-No.: 34,997
Frühere Signatur
"88" (earlier shelf mark, f. 1r).

Zustand und Zusammensetzung

REL entirely separated from binding; no FEL.
i-xix8, [1]. No quire signatures.
Written space: 220 mm x 158 mm 34 lines. ¶ Long lines. Dry-point ruling, double bounding lines, top and bottom text lines are ruled across gutter prickings at outer bounding line text above top line.

Schrift und Hände

Early 10c littera carolina, very small module, especially in first half of codex. One hand.


  • Brown 9-line initial "V" on f. 2r, simple interlace (similar in style to initials in Dombibl. Hs. 137, f. 2r et alibi);
  • other initials are simple brown square capitals, 3-7 lines, for major divisions.
  • Red square capitals (with uncial "E") for titulus f. 1r;
  • first lines f. 2r in brown square capitals, followed by two lines of uncials;
  • red rustic capitals for other tituli.


Marginal corrections, contemporary and somewhat later hands. The commentaries on Galatians and Ephesians are omitted; also the commentary on Corinthians ends incomplete and is followed on the same page by the commentary on Philippians. Hence these omissions probably were also in the exemplar of this copy.

Geschichte der Handschrift

"Liber Sancti Petri" (10c rustic capitals on f. 1v)


  • Vorderseite "Jaffé, codex 34./ continet fol. 153./ saec. X./ Tractatus S. Ambrosii / in S. Pauli epistolas." ( 19c title).
  • Vordere_Innenseite 19c foliation and 20c readers' register; and small fragment of 14- or 15c binding strip (now mostly cut away) remains near lower inner corner, some text offprinted on cloth pasted to cover.
  • 1r "88" (earlier shelf mark); "Alme confessor egidii amice gesuc" ; at top: "Liber sancti Petri" ( 10c Köln ex libris, in rustic capitals ).
  • 1v-44v Autor: Ambrosiaster (4c) Titel: In Epistolam ad Romanos Rubrizierung: Incipit tractatus sancti ambrosii episcopi mediolanensis super epistolas beati pauli apostoli. Incipit: (2r) (Prol) Ut rerum notitia plenior habeatur principia rerum requirenda sunt prius Incipit: (Text) (2v) Paulus servus Iesu Christi.(Rom. 1:1) Apud veteres nostros ratione nomina conponebantur Explicit: proficere illos vult. Explicit tractatus epistolae ad romanos. (Ed)
  • H.J. Vogels, CSEL 81.1 (Vienna, 1966).
  • (Omss) Edition uses 17 mss., including the present one (first recension). See also Stegmüller 1249-1272 and Cod. 39 below. For all texts in this ms., see also Clavis, 184.
  • 44v-106v Autor: Ambrosiaster (4c) Titel: In Epistolas ad Corinthios Rubrizierung: Incipit ad corinthios prima. Incipit: (Prol) Chorinthii sunt achaii (Prol) Precepto domini admonitus Incipit: (Text) (45r) Paulus vocatus (I Cor. 1:1) Ad romanos aliter coepit quia Explicit: Probationem quaerunt Christi. (Ed)
  • H.J. Vogels, CSEL 81.2 (Vienna, 1968).
  • (Omss) Edition uses 12 mss., including this one. First prologue is the preface for I Cor. (De Bruyne , Préfaces de la Bible Latine [Namur, 1920], p. 235), ending with the extraneous word "argumentum" before the titulus for the prologue of the actual commentary. Commentary on II Cor. begins, f. 82r: "(Prol) Sciens sanctus apostolus profecisse " with no further marker between the prologue and text. Text is incomplete, ending in commentary on II Cor. 13:3 (edition, p. 310).
  • 106v-114v Autor: Ambrosiaster (4c) Titel: In Epistolam ad Philippenses Rubrizierung: Incipit ad philippenses. Incipit: Philipensibus verbum fidaei apostolus tradidit Explicit: spiritui nostro exoptat. Explicit ad philippenses. (Ed)
  • H.J. Vogels, CSEL 81.3 (Vienna, 1969), pp. 127-163.
  • (Omss) Edition uses 11 mss.; present ms. is one of three representing first recension. Prologue leads into lemma and commentary for Phil. 1:1 without marked division.
  • 114v-122v Autor: Ambrosiaster (4c) Titel: In Epistolas ad Thessalonicenses Rubrizierung: Incipit ad thessalonicenses. Incipit: Ut horum id est thessalonicensium exemplo alios exhortetur Explicit: optat esse cum eis amen. Explicit. (Ed)
  • H.J. Vogels, CSEL 81.3 (Vienna, 1969), pp. 209-248.
  • (Omss) See item 3 above. Commentary on II Thess.begins on f. 119v, "Quoniam in prima epsitola ad thessalonicenses " Lemma for II Thess.1:1 is marked by an additional initial.
  • 122v-132r Autor: Ambrosiaster (4c) Titel: In Epistolam ad Colossenses Rubrizierung: Incipit ad colosenses. Incipit: Colosenses pseudoapostoli evertere nitebantur Explicit: pro his iniurias. Finit ad colosenses. (Ed)
  • H.J. Vogels, CSEL 81.3 (Vienna, 1969), pp. 165-207.
  • (Omss) See item 3 above.
  • 132r-134v Autor: Ambrosiaster (4c) Titel: In Epistolam ad Titum Rubrizierung: Incipit ad titum. Incipit: Titus apostolus creavit episcopum Explicit: salutat fratres et domesticos titi. amen. Finit ad titum. (Ed)
  • H.J. Vogels, CSEL 81.3 (Vienna, 1969), pp. 321-334.
  • (Omss) See item 3 above.
  • 134v-151r Autor: Ambrosiaster (4c) Titel: In Epistolas ad Timotheum Rubrizierung: Incipit ad timotheum. Incipit: Timotheus filius fuit mulieris iudaeae fidelis Explicit: sunt posita nomina. Finit ad timotheum. (Ed)
  • H.J. Vogels, CSEL 81.3 (Vienna, 1969), pp. 249-320.
  • (Omss) See item 3 above. Commentary on 2 Tim begins on f. 145v, "Aliam epistolam scribit ad timotheum ." Lemma for 2 Tim 1:1 marked by an additional initial.
  • 151r-152v Autor: Ambrosiaster (4c) Titel: In Epistolam ad Philemonem Rubrizierung: Incipit ad philemonem. Incipit: (151v) Philemon nulla erat ecclesiasticae ordinationis praeditus dignitate Explicit: requies non erat nisi in solo christo. (Ed)
  • H.J. Vogels, CSEL 81.3 (Vienna, 1969), pp. 334-342.
  • (Omss) See item 3 above. Ends in commentary on Philem. 1:22 (edition, p. 341). Text ends on 152v, line 4, pen trials are added below.
    • Titel: probationes "multa quidem et alia " (Jn 20:30), written twice on f. 152v
  • REL-RPD Blank. REL loose from binding. Piece of RPD removed when binding strip was removed (offprint from former binding strip on cloth on inside RC; similar to what was removed from inside FC).



  • The Medieval Manuscripts of the Cologne Cathedral Library. Volume I, MSS. 1-100. By Diane Warne Anderson and Jonathan Black, edited by Diane Warne Anderson. [Digitaler Volltext]
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