Beschreibung von Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 88

Bibliographische Beschreibung

SACRAMENTARIUM (ad usum Coloniense et Trevirense) ("Sacramentary of Pamelius" - secondary manuscript
Fulda for Köln
10c 2/2
10c 4/4
ii(paper) + i(parchment, previously a pastedown, recto covered with 18c paper) + 179 + i(paper).
275 mm x 225 mm
Persistenter Identifier
urn:nbn:de:hbz:kn28-3-5260 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Weitere Angaben
Köln, Dombibliothek Hs. 88
HMML Microfilm-No.: 35,314
Frühere Signatur
"106" (earlier shelf mark, FEL ii)
"Codex 88 nunc / Codex 106 olim " (18c note, FEL iii-v).

Zustand und Zusammensetzung

[3], i10, ii6, iii8, iv8+2 (singles added at front and after 3rd [25 and 29; 29 added 12/13c]), v-xxi8, xxii6+3 (one singles after 4th and two singles at end; central bifolium 173/174 and singles 178-179 may have been added to codex for additional texts), [1]. Quire signatures I, II, II (on iii, corr. ex III), III (on iv, corr. ex IIII), V(vi).
Written space: 185 mm x 125 mm 17-21 lines. ¶ Long lines. Dry-point ruling prickings visible on a few folia. text above top line

Schrift und Hände

littera carolina; main hand in style of Fulda, others of Trier (see Hoffmann, op. cit. in bibliography below).Jaffé-Wattenbach (and others following), 11c or 12c; Amiet, 9c 2/2; Hoffmann, 10c 2/2 (Trier additions 10c 4/4, main part of ms. slightly earlier).

One main hand ff. 3r-15r, 26v-171v (except 29r-v), 175r-177r

plus 10 additional hands, 10c 4/4; f. 1r-2r late 11c; f. 29r-v added 12/13c


  • 6- to 13-line decorated initials ff. 25v-26r, 30r, and 63v (interlace, gold and silver on purple field, framed by columns, first lines also on field, hierarchy of square capitals, uncials and rustic capitals);
  • some smaller gold and interlace initials ff. 30v-38r;
  • incidental initials red or gold;
  • tituli in red uncials for text of main hand, in rustic capitals, uncials or minuscules for other hands;
  • 15 lines in rustic capitals plus 5 in uncials f. 25r, alternate lines red and black.


Additions in margins (10-13c).

Geschichte der Handschrift

Written for Köln, script and decoration in style of Fulda; additions made at Trier soon after, probably for monastery of St. Maximinus (see Hoffmann, loc. cit.). This codex is one of two main mss. (with Köln, Dombibl. 137) supposed to have been used by Pamelius, op. cit., for the first attempt at a critical (or at least comparative) edition of the Gregorian sacramentary; Pamelius' version, however, is a melange of various mss. (see Amiet, loc.cit.). This ms. is perhaps derived from a St. Gall exemplar (attribution of prologue Hucusque [f. 104v] to Grimoldus, presumably Abt. of St. Gall 841-872 (Bourque, loc. cit., note 49; DACL, loc. cit.). Disagreement on date: Hartzheim, 10c


  • Vorderseite "Biblioth. Eccl. Metrop. Colon. / Jaffé 88./ continet folia 179./ saec. XI vel XII./ Sermo de Eucharistia;/ Calendarium;/ Litaniae;/ etc." ( 19c title).
  • FPD-FELi Blank.
  • FEL ii R : "106" (earlier shelf mark); "Codex 88 " (18c list of contents). v : blank.
  • FEL iii R : Covered with modern material; blank. V : "Liber sancti petri" ( 15- or 16c ex libris); "Codex 88 nunc / Codex 106 olim / Sermo de veritate consecrationis / Eucharisticae" (18c, same hand as on FELii).
  • 1r-2r (1) Anonymous (Pseudo-Augustine). Titel: Sermo de Eucharistia Rubrizierung: Sermo sancti [ ][name erased] utrum sub figura an sub ueritate hoc misticum calicis fiat sacramentum. Incipit: Veritas ait, Caro mea uere est cibus, alioquin quomodo magnum erit Explicit: quia numquam potest desistere umbra, nisi radiante sole. Added later (late 11c); titulus repeated by modern hand at top of f. 1r ("Sermo: utrum sub figura ").
  • 2v (2) Titel: Orationes - Prayers for mass of S. Petronilla, and for mass of S. Scholastica. Part of the Trier additions, 10c 4/4 (on this and other added texts, see above, codicology; and Hoffmann, loc. cit.).
  • 3r-8v (3) Titel: Calendarium Coloniense (et Trevirense). (Ed)
  • Excerpts in Jaffé-Wattenbach, p. 125 (from excerpts edited by Dümmler, Forschungen zur Deutschen Geschichte VI (1866), p. 123).
  • also in DACL 3.2:2189.
  • also in Amiet, op. cit. p. 78.
  • see also Hoffmann, op. cit., pp. 157-158.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 45 , 83-ii . Festivals for Köln in original hand, additions for Trier saints Eucherius, Irmina, Paulinus (also for S. Maximinus in dry point f. 4v, acc. to Hoffmann, op. cit., p. 158; not visible on film); obits added (see Jaffé-Wattenbach, p. 125; and DACL loc. cit.).
  • 9r-10v (4) Titel: Litania . (Ed)
  • Names excerpted in Amiet, op. cit., p. 79.
  • also in DACL 3.2:2189.
  • also in Jaffé-Wattenbach, p. 33.
  • see also Hoffmann, op. cit., p. 158.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 45 , 137 . Includes Köln saints (see editions of excerpts); substitutions of Trier saints f. 9v, 10c 4/4 (to Hoffmann's list op. cit. p. 158, add "Martine"); many additions by later hand (13c?).
  • 11r-15r (5) Titel: Sacramentarium Titel: - Supplementum : Prayers of the priest before and after mass.
  • 15r-24v (6) Titel: Sacramentarium - Supplementum : prayers for various masses. Part of the Trier additions (see Hoffmann, op. cit.); partial list of masses in Amiet, op. cit. p. 79 (begins 15r not 15v); includes both Vigilia and Depositio S. Maximini (see Hoffmann, p. 158).
  • 25r-104v (7) Titel: Sacramentarium gregorianum Rubrizierung: In Christi nomine, incipit liber sacramentorum de circulo anni a sancto gregorio papa romano editus, qualiter missa romana celebratur. Explicit: (74v expl. mut.) uitae teneamus. Per. Cant. // (75r inc. mut.) ( 75r inc. mut.) // Rubrizierung: VIII.KL.AUG. Passio sancti iacobi apostoli. Incipit: Esto domine Explicit: (104v) uitae sequamur auctorem. Per dominum. Explicit liber gregorii. (Ed)
  • J. Pamelius, Liturgicon Ecclesiae Latinae 2 (Köln 1571), pp. 178-297 line 2, 319 line 30 -383 (numerous discrepancies with this ms.).
  • Deshusses 1, pp. 85-92 nr. 20, 98 Nr. 33 -224 nr. 514, 699 nrs. 177*, ***
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 87 , 137 ; see also Amiet, op. cit., pp. 82-83 , and Deshusses 1, pp. 72-74. Pamelius' bracketed texts are usually lacking in this ms. Ff. 25r-29v: ordo missae; directions to priest added in margins by same hand that added f. 29r-v (12/13c); f. 30r-104v: from Christmas Eve to 4th Sunday in advent, except between ff. 74-75 lacks text from middle of Pentecost Sunday through 22 July, Natalis S. Maria Magdalena (or 6 July, Natalis VII fratrum).
  • 105r-156r (8) Titel: Sacramentarium - Supplementum Anianense Rubrizierung: (104v) Incipit praefatio libri secundi a uenerabili grimoldo abbate ex opusculis sanctorum patrum excerpti. Incipit: (105r) (Prol) Hucusque praecedens sacramentorum libellus Rubrizierung: (106v) Incipit benedictio cerei. Incipit: Exultet Explicit: iudicare uiuos et mortuos et saeculum per ignem. amen. Kolophon: (Amen in unusually wide, large letters, appears to indicate end of section). (Ed)
  • J. Pamelius, Liturgicon Ecclesiae Latinae 2, pp. 388-478, also 384-386 (numerous discrepancies with this ms.)(repr. in PL 121:797A-858A).
  • Deshusses 1, pp. 351-494.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 87 , 137 ; see also Amiet, op. cit., pp. 82-83 , and Deshusses 1, pp. 72-74 . Sunday and daily masses, Common of the Saints, votive masses, prayers for monastery, etc.; generally similar to Pamelius' version, with omissions and additions; includes office of visiting the sick ff. 136r-138r; texts of Pamelius pp. 384-386 on ff. 139r-146v and 149r; lacks capitula and Benedictiones episcopales; usually lacks orationes super populum; first few folia of this section incude neums; see also Amiet, op. cit. p. 79.
  • 156v-172v (9) Titel: Sacramentarium - Supplementum Alcuinianum Rubrizierung: Die dominica missa de sancta trinitate. (No general heading for section). (Ed)
  • Pamelius, Liturgicon Ecclesiae Latinae 2, pp. 518-544 line 2 (many discrepancies with this ms., esp. ff. 164r-172r).
  • J. Deshusses, "Les messes d'Alcuin," Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft 14 (1972), pp. 16-39 (this ms. not used for edition, but Köln, Dombibl. 137 = G).
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 137 ; see also Deshusses, "Les messes d'Alcuin," p. 14 . 30 masses by main hand through f. 171v, arranged by the seven days of week plus common of saints and votive masses; includes 12 of the masses of Alcuin ed. by Deshusses, and 4 masses not in Pamelius.
  • 172v-174v (10) Titel: Sacramentarium - Praefationes missarum . 17 prefaces by another hand, perhaps part of the Trier additions (see above codicology, and Hoffmann, op. cit., pp. 156-157).
  • 175r-177r (11) Titel: Sacramentarium - Supplementum: Orationes variae . (Ed)
  • Pamelius, Liturgicon Ecclesiae Latinae 2, pp. 545 line 29 -548 line 19 and 544 line 26 -545 line 3.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 137 . Orationes ad primam, ad tertiam, ad sextam, ad nonam, ad crucem, de S. cruce, de S. Maria, and collecta in iudicio dicenda (Amiet's list, op. cit. p. 80, applies to Cod. 137); by main hand.
  • 177v-178r (12) Titel: Officium iudicii aquae . Incipit: Cum hominem uis mittere in aquam ad comprobationem Explicit: ante comedent cibum. Coniuracio aquae. (expl. sic). (Ed)
  • Jaffé-Wattenbach, pp. 125-126.
  • MGH Formulae (1886), pp. 619-620 (section 18);
  • DACL 3.2:2189-2190.
  • Alternate paragraphs red and black; part of the Trier additions.
  • 178v-179v (13) Titel: Benedictio palmarum , and Titel: Benedictio super candelas in purificatione S. Mariae . Part of the Trier additions, somewhat later than the others.
  • REL-RPD Blank.


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  • The Medieval Manuscripts of the Cologne Cathedral Library. Volume I, MSS. 1-100. By Diane Warne Anderson and Jonathan Black, edited by Diane Warne Anderson. [Digitaler Volltext]
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