Beschreibung von Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 53

Bibliographische Beschreibung

10c (985-999)
i(paper) + 407 + i(paper).
420 mm x 332 mm
Persistenter Identifier
urn:nbn:de:hbz:kn28-3-6277 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Weitere Angaben
Köln, Dombibliothek Hs. 53
HMML Microfilm-No.: 35,074
Frühere Signatur
"12" (earlier shelf mark, f. 1r)

Zustand und Zusammensetzung

[1], i-x8, xi6, xii-xvii8, xviii8-1 (orginal 2nd excised [after f. 135], text missing), xix2, xx-xxv8, xxvi8-5 (3 single leaves [192-193] preceded by stubs, no quire signature, lower 3/4 of last column [ 194vb] erased; orignally part of next quire; apparently at one time the manuscript was divided into two volumes, with f. 194 at the end of the first volume), xxvii8-4+1 (original first three leaves form previous quire, original 8th now attached to following quire, one added at front [195]; originally quires xxvi-xxvii were one normal gathering of 8 as follows: ff. 192, 193, 194, 196/197, 198, 199, 200; when the manuscript was divided in two, f. 195 was added at the beginning of the second volume, 195r left blank except for same ex libris as on f. 1r, and text from 194vb was moved to 195v), xxviii9 (8+1 at front [200], which was originally 8th of previous quire, with quire signature "XXVI" on verso), xxix6, xxx-xxxiii8, xxxiv-xxxv6, xxxvi4, xxxvii-liii8, liv8+1 (one added at end, quire signature on 8th; 9th was originally full-size leaf with text only in top half of recto col.a, now excised below and to right of text and bound in below original position), [1]. Outer edges of ff. 211-271 damaged (by fire?), then cut, with some loss to marginalia. First folia creased and worn, esp. across top outer corners. ¶ Quire signatures I-XXV, XXVI on 1st verso of xxviii, signatures XXVII-XXXII on xxviii-xxxiii, signatures XXXII(bis)-XXXIIII on xxxiv-xxxvi; also the scribe who wrote ff. 286ra-409vb (hand I) put very small signatures I-XV (I-IIII as dots) in the extreme lower right corner, last folio verso, of quires xl-liv (XV on 8th [409v]).
Written space: 310 mm x 240 mm ( 100 mm each column, 40 mm between columns). 32-34 lines. 2 columns. Dry-point ruling, double bounding lines for each column, plus another pair of lines in outer margin prickings at edge of page, many trimmed. text above top line. Scriptural book titles as running titles, not consistent throughout codex.

Schrift und Hände

littera carolina. Seven main hands, dividing work by quires:

A: ff. 2ra-86ra (quires i-xi) and 195va-b

B: 86rb-168ra (xii-xxii)

C: 168ra-200vb (xxiii-xxvii + f. 200)

D: 201ra-214vb and 239va-262va (xxviii-xxix, xxxiii-xxxvi, with hand F on 239ra-b)

E: 215ra-238vb (xxx-xxxii)

G: 263ra-274rb and 275va-285vb (xxxvii, with hand H 274va-275rb and possibly other hands)

I: 286ra-406(409)vb


  • 7-line decorated initial f. 2r, red outline filled with corrosive verdigris green;
  • elsewhere 3- to 5-line initials in red outline, filled with green, or copper-gold (28v, 55v, 81r, 105r, 125v, 165v, 166v, most foliated), or simple red or green initials (red with inner spaces filled with blue 280v, simple red interlace 362v); incidental initials and chapter numbers in red or brown;
  • titulus f. 195va (whole column) in 2-line brown square capitals, f. 165v in 1-line red square capitals;
  • other tituli in rustic capitals, uncials or minuscules, usually red, some stroked with yellow-brown wash;
  • initials and tituli omitted ff. 176r-v, 263r.


Marginal corrections, variant readings, and nota signs, contemporary and 11c.

Geschichte der Handschrift

"Liber sancti Petri scriptus sub tempore domni Evergeri archiepiscopi" (f. 1v, also f. 195r with "domni" omitted - Evergerus Abp. of Köln 985-999 ). For date and place of origin, see owner marks ff. 1v and 195r; also Hoffmann, Kottje, and Mayr-Harting , op. cit. Duval, op. cit., notes that at least for the text of the Jonas commentary, this ms. was corrected from Köln, DB 54.


  • Vorderseite "Jaffé, codex 53 / continet folia 410 / saec. X. exeuntis./ Hieronymi commentarius in prophetas minores." ( 19c title).
  • FEL Blank.
  • 1r-v R : "12" (earlier shelf mark). V : "Liber sancti Petri scriptvs svb tempore domni Evergeri archiepiscopi." (10c Köln ex libris; Evergerus Abp. of Köln 985-999).
  • 2ra-vb Autor: Pseudo-Jerome . Titel: Prefaces to Hosea, Joel, and Amos . Incipit: (Pref. Hosea) Temporibus oziae et ioathae Incipit: (Pref. Joel 2rb) Sanctus iohel apud haebreos Incipit: (Pref. Amos 2va) Ozias rex cum Dei religionem Explicit: ciuitatum processuram uoluit demonstrare. (Ed)
  • De Bruyne , pp. 136-138.
  • see also Stegmüller nrs. 507, 511, 515.
  • 2vb-81ra Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Osee Rubrizierung: Incipit prologus beati hieronimi ad pamachium in tractatu super osee prophetam. Liber I. Incipit: (Prol) Si in explanationibus omnium prophetarum sancti spiritus Incipit: (Text inc. f. 4va) Verbum domini quod (Hos.1:1). Septuaginta similiter. Verbum domini quod in principio erat Explicit: iuxta illud quod scriptum est, Ecce iste positus est in ruinam et in resurrectionem multorum in israel (Luk.2:34). Explicit liber tertius de osaeae explanationum. (Ed)
  • PL 25:815A-946C.
  • CCSL 76, pp. 1-158.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3359.
  • (Omss) See BHM II, nr. 216 .
  • 81ra-105ra Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Ioelem Rubrizierung: In iohel prophetam ad pammachium liber unus. Incipit: (Prol) Non idem ordo est duodecim prophetarum Incipit: (Text inc. f. 81va) Uerbum domini quod (Joel 1:1). Septuaginta interpretes pro phatuhel uerterunt bathuhel [corr. ex lithuhel] Explicit: in syon, de qua scriptum est, Fundamenta eius in montibus sanctis, diligit dominus portas syon super omnia tabernacula iacob (Ps.86:1). Explanationum in iohel prophetam ad pammachium liber unus explicit. (Ed)
  • PL 25:947A-988D.
  • CCSL 76, pp. 159-209.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3360.
  • (Omss) See BHM II, nr. 216 .
  • 105rb-165va Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Amos Rubrizierung: Explanationum in amos prophetam liber primus incipit. Incipit: (Prol) Amos propheta qui sequitur iohelem Incipit: (Text inc. f. 105va) Uerba amos qui fuit (Am.1:1). Septuaginta autem nescio quid uolentes interpretati sunt Explicit: cuius promissio lex naturae est. Finit in amos explanationum liber tertius. (Ed)
  • PL 25:989A-1096C.
  • CCSL 76, pp. 211-348.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3361.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 52 ; see also BHM II, nr. 216 . One leaf of text excised after f. 135 (= [bibl]CCSL 76 pp. 278-280, lines 199-277[/bibl] , Quaerito dominum et mercedem).
  • 165va-176ra Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Abdiam Rubrizierung: Incipit prologus abdiae prophetae. Incipit: (Prol) Dum(!) essem paruulus (I Cor.13:11) Incipit: (Text inc. f. 166va) Incipit uisio abdiae prophetae. Hunc esse aiunt hebraei qui sub rege Explicit: meliora dixerit in illis(!) sententiam transgredi(!). (Ed)
  • PL 25:1097A-1118A.
  • CCSL 76, pp. 349-375.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3362.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 54 ; see also BHM II, nr. 216 .
  • 176ra-va (6) Pseudo-Jerome. Titel: Preface to Obediah . Incipit: [I]acob patriarcha fratrem habuit esau Explicit: seruus domini in nostro sonat eloquio. (Ed)
  • De Bruyne , pp. 138.
  • for second half, cf. PL 25:1099A-B.
  • see also Stegmüller nrs. 519 and 517.
  • No titulus. Running title reads "Ionae" ff. 176-194.
  • 176va-194vb Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Ionam . Incipit: (Prol) [T]riennium circiter fluxit postquam quinque prophetas Incipit: (Text inc. f. 177va) Et factum est uerbum (Jon.1:1-2) Septuaginta excepto eo quod dixerunt In condempnationem israel ionas Explicit: iumentis insipientibus et assimilantur eis. Explicit ionas. (Ed)
  • Y.-M. Duval, Commentaire sur Jonas, Sources Chrétiennes 323 (Paris 1985), pp. 160-316.
  • PL 25:1117B-1152B.
  • CCSL 76, pp. 377-419.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3363.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 52 and 54 ; see also BHM II, nr. 216; and Y.-M. Duval, ed. cit., pp. 122-139 , esp. p. 125 note 11 (this ms. = Ki in edition).
  • 195vb-197va Autor: Pseudo-Jerome . Titel: Prefaces to Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk Rubrizierung: (f. 195va) Incipit liber primus explanationum hieronimi presbiteri in micheam [= titulus properly for next incipit]. Incipit: (Pref. Micah) Temporibus ioathae, achiae, eizechiae regum Incipit: (Pref. Nahum inc. f. 196ra) Naum prophetam ante aduentum regis Incipit: (Pref. Hab. inc. f. 196va) Quatuor prophetae in XII prophetarum Explicit: et miseriam uenire desiderat. (Ed)
  • De Bruyne , pp. 139-141.
  • see also Stegmüller nrs. 526, 528, 531.
  • All three texts written continuouly without breaks; running titles read "Micheae" ff. 196r-200v.
  • 197va-241va Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Michaeam Rubrizierung: [titulus on f. 195va] Incipit: (Prol) [M]icheas in quem nunc commentarios dictare cupio Incipit: (Text inc. f. 198ra) Verbum igitur domini (Mic.1:1) Factum est ad Micheam [in marg.: post oseae, amos, et aesaiam] qui sub ozia Explicit: paleis aegyptias exstruat ciuitates. Explicit explanatio in michea propheta(!). (Ed)
  • PL 25:1151C-1230C.
  • CCSL 76, pp. 421-524.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3365.
  • (Omss) See BHM II, nr. 216 . No running titles after f. 200v.
  • 241va-262va Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Naum Rubrizierung: Incipit naum propheta. Incipit: (Prol) Iuxta septuaginta interpretes in ordine Incipit: (Text inc. f. 242ra) Deus emulator (Na.1:2) Uox prophetae laudantis Deum quod de assiriis Explicit: irruit quidem sed ingredi non potest. Finit liber explanationum naum prophetae. (Ed)
  • PL 25:1231A-1272D.
  • CCSL 76A, pp. 525-578.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3366.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 54 ; see also BHM II, nr. 216 . F. 262vb blank.
  • 263ra-297vb Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Abacuc Rubrizierung: Incipit prologus eusebii hieronimi in abacuc prophetam. Incipit: (Prol) [P]rimum [Chr]omati episcoporum doctissime scire nos conuenit Incipit: (Text inc. f. 263va) [U]squequo domine (Hab.1:1-2) Septuaginta. Usquequo Interim secundum literam causatur aduersum Deum propheta Explicit: et cantores (!) meo carmine superabo. Explicit explanatio libri secundi in abacuc sancti hieronimi. (Ed)
  • PL 25:1273A-1338A.
  • CCSL 76A, pp. 579-654.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3367.
  • (Omss) See BHM II, nr. 216 .
  • 297vb-298vb Autor: Pseudo-Jerome . Titel: Prefaces to Zephaniah and Haggai Rubrizierung: Incipit praefatio soffone(!) prophete. Incipit: Tradunt hebraei [suprascript: ut] cuiuscumque propheta Incipit: (Pref. Haggai inc. f. 298rb) Hieremias prophaeta ob causam periurii Explicit: interitum regnorum gentium exterarum significant. (Ed)
  • De Bryune, pp. 141-142.
  • see also [bibl]Stegmüller nrs. 534 and 538[/bibl] .
  • 298vb-304vb Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Sophoniam (abridged version). Rubrizierung: Incipit tractus(!) super soffoniam prophetam. Incipit: [Prol omitted] Verbum domini (Zeph.1:1) Septuaginta similiter. Tradunt hebraei cuiuscumque prophetae pater aud auus ponatur Explicit: texamus presens extremum capitulum. Explicit super sophoniam. (Ed)
  • Abridged version in Florilegium Casinense 2 (Monte Cassino 1875), pp. 39-45, from Cod. Cas. 93.
  • cf. PL 25:1338B-1385B/C.
  • cf. CCSL 76A, pp. 656-711.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3368.
  • (Omss) Monte Cassino 93 (see ed. above); see also BHM II, nr. 216 . Text abridged to about one quarter of original length; most of Septuagint material omitted.
  • 304vb-309vb Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Aggaeum (abridged version). Rubrizierung: Incipit super aggeum prophetam. Incipit: In anno secundo darii (Hag.1:1). Quia iam altare aedificatum fuerat Explicit: hoc est quasi anulo signetur. Explicit aggeus prophaeta. (Ed)
  • Abridged version in Florilegium Casinense 2 (Monte Cassino 1875), pp. 46-51, from Monte Cassino 93.
  • cf. PL 25:1387C-1416B.
  • cf. CCSL 76A, pp. 714-746, lines 1-3, 34-743.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3369.
  • (Omss) Monte Cassino 93 (see ed. above); see also BHM II, nr. 216 . Prologue omitted; text abridged to about one third of original length; most of Septuagint material omitted.
  • 309vb-310rb Autor: Pseudo-Jerome . Titel: Preface to Zechariah Rubrizierung: Incipit prefatio super zachariam. Incipit: Secundo anno darii regis medorum aggeum et zachariam Explicit: per noctem prophaetae esse reuelata [in marg.: perhibetur]. (Ed)
  • De Bruyne , p. 143.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 539.
  • 310rb-389vb Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Zachariam Rubrizierung: Ad exuperium episcopum tolotanum explanatio in zachariam prophetam eusebii hieronimi liber tercius. Incipit: (Prol) Ultimo iam autumni tempore frater noster Incipit: (Text inc. f. 311ra) In mense octauo (Zech.1:1) Secundo anno darii filii hystaspis [corr. in irtaspes ?] septuagesimum desolationis templi Explicit: quem de domo domini disserunt(!) auferendum. Ad exuperium episcopum tolotanum sancti ieronimi in zachariam prophetam liber explicit tercius. (Ed)
  • PL 25:1415C-1542A.
  • CCSL 76A, pp. 747-900.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3370.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 52 ; see also BHM II, nr. 216 . A couple of Septuagint references omitted.
  • 389vb-410r Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentarius in Malachiam Rubrizierung: Explanationum in malechi prophetam ad minerium(!) et alexandrum liber unus. Incipit: (Prol) Vltimum duodecim prophetarum malechi interpretari uolumus Incipit: (Text) ( 390va) Onus uerbi domini (Mal.1:1) LXX. Assumptio uerbi Quod(!) significet onus id est pondus Explicit: in helia hiohannem intellegens. Explicit in malachi prophetam liber primus. (Ed)
  • PL 25:1541B-1578A.
  • CCSL 76A, pp. 901-942.
  • see also Clavis nr. 589.
  • see also Stegmüller nr. 3371.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 52 ; see also BHM II, nr. 216 .
  • 410v-REL-RPD Blank.


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  • The Medieval Manuscripts of the Cologne Cathedral Library. Volume I, MSS. 1-100. By Diane Warne Anderson and Jonathan Black, edited by Diane Warne Anderson. [Digitaler Volltext]
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