Beschreibung von Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 15

Bibliographische Beschreibung

9c 1/3
i(paper) + 100 + i(paper).
323 mm x 230 mm
Persistenter Identifier
urn:nbn:de:hbz:kn28-3-7728 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Weitere Angaben
Köln, Dombibliothek Hs. 15
HMML Microfilm-No.: 35,014
Frühere Signatur
"65"(?)(earlier shelf mark, f. 1r).

Zustand und Zusammensetzung

Fair to poor quality parchment. Lower margins excised ff. 68-69, this bifolium also bound in lower than other folia. F. 96 almost ripped out along inner bounding line, still attached near top.
[1], i-x8 (in iii and x, center two leaves are single [20-21 and 76-77]), xi2 (folia missing from center between 81/82, expl. mut. 81v; expl mut. also 82v, lacks quire[s] after f. 82), xii8-2 (missing original 2nd and 4th), xiii8-1 (missing original 4th), xiv8-3 (missing original 2nd, 3rd, and 4th), [1]. Quire signatures A-I on ii-x.
Dry-point ruling, double bounding lines prickings between outer pair of bounding lines, two sets on many folia text above top line.

Schrift und Hände

9c littera carolina Two main hands: ; ; .

A: 1r-81v

B: 82r-100v

plus relieving hands on ff. 34v, 66v, 73v, 80v


  • 10-line pen-decorated initial on f. 1v, filled with orange-red and yellow, with simple interlace;
  • elsewhere simple 3- to 7-line initials;
  • scriptural quotes in brown uncials stroked with red and yellow ff. 1v-3r, in red uncials 3v-25r, thereafter in brown uncials;
  • tituli in brown uncials.
  • "odolfus martinus HEL" (?)(f. 95v)
  • library stamps (cover, ff. 1r, 25r, 100v)


Marginal source references; interlinear corrections and insertions (contemporary hand), Titel: probationes . This ms. is interesting for both its contents and its irregular orthography; it is also far from a first class production in comparison to Carolingian standards, in terms of script, grammar, use of abbreviation symbols, text layout, etc. For an example of the quality, see Franz's edition (from this ms.) of text on ff. 96v-98v, and his note 2, p. 587.


  • Vorderseite "Biblioth. Eccl. Metrop. Colon." (in darker ink); "Jaffé, codex 15./ continet folia 100./ saec. IX./ Commentarius in Lectiones et / sequentias S. Evangelii." ( 19c title, very faded); and library stamp.
  • FEL Blank.
  • 1r "65" (earlier shelf mark); pen trials, including "gazas"; and library stamp.
  • 1v-81v Autor: Smaragdus de S. Mihiel (written c.810-815 ). Titel: Collectiones in Epistolas et Evangelia (incomplete). Rubrizierung: Incipit praefatio. Incipit: (Prol) Quaeritur [corr. ex "Quaeretur"] quare pos (!) euangelia uoluit apostolus has epistolas ad singulas ecclesias ["voluit ad" in ras.] Incipit: (Text) Epistola grece latine supermissa dicitur Explicit: desideria conteri, mundi glo- // [expl. mut.]. (Ed)
  • PL 102:15-167D.
  • Marginal abbreviations indicate sources. Prologue not included in edition.
  • 82r-v Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Gospel Commentary Rubrizierung: In Christo nomen incipit liber de interpretaciones euuangelii excarpsum (!). Incipit: In principio deus erat uerbum qui principator omnium qui esse voluit Explicit: ostendit eius continencia et iusticia, pilis autem cameli tunica rationes uenturas // [expl. mut.]. Cf. Arnobius Junior, Expositiunculae in Euangelium, PL 53: 569-580 (CPL 240).
  • 83r-84r Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Sermon Rubrizierung: Sermo ex lectione euuangelii. Incipit: Multus ut arbitror uestrum, fratres karissimi, contigit nosse hoc quod volo Explicit: remedia contullit, Iesus Christus dominus noster qui uiuit et regnat in secula seculorum.
  • 84r-v Autor: Pseudo-Augustine Titel: De decem talenta Rubrizierung: Incipit dicta sancti agustini episcopi de decem talenta. Incipit: Additur huic tempus per mulierem illam sollicitam qui abuit decem denarius (!) Explicit: abstinenciae de daniel. (Omss) Also in Escorial, P.III.7, ff. 99-100. ; see J. Divjak, Die Handschriftliche Überlieferung der Werke des Heiligen Augustinus, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaft, Phil.-Hist. Kl. 292 [Vienna, 1974], pp. 200f.; Kurz, Überlieferung, p. 460 lists the present ms. as the sole copy in Western Germany. Titulus for next text written as if last words of this text.
  • 84v-86r Autor: Methodius (?) (attributed to Methodius Patarensis, also Bp. of Olympus, d. ca. 300 ; or Methodius I, ca. 788-847, patriarch of Constantinople 842-846 ). Titel: Revelationes (Latin, abridged version). Rubrizierung: In libro metotii paternis esaie (corr. ex "paternises ait" ?). Incipit: Igitur adam et eua egressi uirginis de paradiso, anno xxx expulsionis sue genuerunt chain Explicit: digni inuenti sunt in illa ora. Explicit. (Ed)
  • M. de la Bigne (et al.), Maxima bibliotheca veterum patrvm 3 (Lyon 1677), pp. 727E-734A (also in earlier editions entitled Magna bibliotheca (Cologne 1618 and Paris 1654).
  • No Greek version of this text is known. See PG 18:25C and 26C (Auctor Synaxarii in Menaeo.. .) which describes a work by Methodius Patarensis similar to this text. See also the editors' notes on authorship (in edition p. 727 and in PG 18:25-26D). This text is not included in PG or in modern editions of Methodius Patarensis; editors suggest author may be Methodius I (patriarch of Constantiople 842-846), who was in Rome as a young man between 815-821.
  • 86r-v (6) Pseudo-Chrysostom. Titel: De poenitentia Rubrizierung: Incipit sermo sancti iohannis de penitenciam dicens. Incipit: Quit sit malum nisi peccatum committere, et quid sit bonum Explicit: ad penitenciam revertere.
  • 86v-88r Autor: Anonymous . Titel: De detractione Rubrizierung: Incipit sentencia de detractione. Incipit: Sicut serpens adam et eua de paradiso abstracxit Explicit: sunt merito equalis.
  • 88r (8) Pseudo-Jerome. Titel: In Ezechielem Rubrizierung: Iheronimus ait super ezehiel. Incipit: Qui primus himpius adque peccator si postea egerit penitenciam Explicit: ueritas iusticie.
  • 88r-91r Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Sententiae in Jeremiam et Ezechielem Rubrizierung: Sentencie de libro in hieremiam. Incipit: Quicquit in mundum uel bonorum accedit Explicit: sic facta sunt omnia.
  • 91r-v (10) Pseudo-Anthony. Titel: Sententiae sancti Antonii Rubrizierung: Sentencia sancti antonii abbatis. Incipit: Per patrem uiuimus et sumus, per filium racionem et sapientiam et intellectum dictamur Explicit: sine ulla misericordia. Sections include "De septem damnaciones peccatorum," "De septem muneraciones," and "Decem sunt precepta in lege domini."
  • 91v-93v Autor: Pseudo-Augustine Titel: Interrogationes Rubrizierung: Incipit de proprietate ser- / (92r) -monum vel differenciarum agustini dicta ad omnes docendos. Incipit: Int[errogatio]. Celum quit est. R[esponsio]. Domus mundi et sedis eterne Explicit: et non propter hoc liberauit. (Omss) Kurz, Überlieferung, p. 466 lists this ms. alone. Includes sections on ebrietas (f. 92v Inc: Nolite inebriare in co est luxoria ), "De helacione dicit" (93r Inc: Elacio similis est fornicacione ), "De septem sigilla" (93r Inc: Ut legimus in apocalipsis, primum sigillum natiuitas ) and "Item alias interrogationes" (93r Inc: Prebiter(!) quit est uel cuius lingua dicitur ).
  • 93v-94r Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Ordines Christi Rubrizierung: De septem gradus eclesie ubi Christus adfuid, quomodo ympleuit eos Christus. Incipit: Primus gradus lector quando aperuit librum [corr. ex "lubrum"] esaie propethe Explicit: super capita discipulorum suorum et benedixit eos. (Ed)
  • A. Wilmart, "Les ordres du Christ", Revue des sciences religieuses 3 (1923), pp. 305-327, this ms. for redaction B, pp. 311-312.
  • R. Reynolds, The Ordinals of Christ from their Origins to the Twelfth Century (Berlin/New York 1978), p. 58.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 81 and 85 ; R. Reynolds, op. cit. , classifies this text-version as the Hibernian Chronological Ordinal "with the explanatory interlude between the presbyter and doorkeeper" (p. 70), contained in 18 mss. (op. cit. pp. 70-71 note 9), including this one and ms. 85.
  • 94r Rubrizierung: De uirtutibus uel tollerancia saluatorum. Item eclesie sue. Incipit: Dominus Iesus Christus descendit de celo, conceptus in utero Explicit: credere quam docuit, sperare quod promisit. (Ed)
  • R. Reynolds, The Ordinals of Christ from their Origins to the Twelfth Century (Berlin/New York 1978), p. 72 note 11.
  • (Omss) London, BL Arundel 213 , ff. 85r-v (see Reynolds, loc. cit.).
  • 94r Incipit: Qui celestis exsursursus(!) a terra discendit, hillic aduenit Explicit: numquam dominum glorie crucificsissent.
  • 94r-v Autor: Anonymous . Titel: De principio caeli et terrae Rubrizierung: Incipit de principio celi et terre et omnis firmationes (!) mundi. Incipit: Mundus de tribus visibilibus factus est Explicit: qui baptismum renouatur. (Omss) Cologne, Dombibl. 85.
  • 94v Autor: Anonymous . Titel: De creatione omnium rerum per singulos dies Rubrizierung: De creacione hominum(!) rerum per singulos dies. Incipit: Dixit Deus. In prima die dixit, fiad lux. Quod dixit angeli et arcangeli sunt Explicit: herba germinat terra // [expl. mut.]. (Omss) Cologne, Dombibl. 85.
  • 95r Anonymous. Incipit: [inc. mut.] // ira concupiscencia uitiis(?) oculi, et itaciones prauas qui in corda nostra accipiunt (expl).
  • 95r Anonymous. Rubrizierung: De plasmacione adam. Incipit: Ubi Deus adam plasmauit, ibi natus est Christus, hoc est in betlem ciuitate Explicit: uoluntas addificacionem. Quibus modis formatus est homo. Septem, hoc est auditum, uisum per fidem, per caritatem.
  • 95r-v Autor: Anonymous . Titel: De octo partes unde factus est adam Rubrizierung: De octo partes unde factus est adam. Incipit: Adam id est pondus limi que limo factus est Explicit: nomen alie dabo san.
  • 95v-96v (15) Pseudo-Jerome. Titel: Apocalypse Commentary Rubrizierung: Incipit tractacio sancti ieronimi de apocalipsis hiohannes (!). Incipit: Iohannes gracia Dei (96r) interpretatur, figura Christi tenuit Explicit: lignum uite Christus est. Cf. the second prologue to the Commentarius in Apocalypsin listed in Stegmüller 5271 and in BHM I.B, nr. 149.
  • 96v-98v Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Exorcism Rubrizierung: Incipiunt interdiccionis satane. Incipit: Interdicitur tibi satanas, per euuangelium Dei patris omnipotentis et Iesum christum, audi diaboli(!) Explicit: locum relinquatur, per dominum nostrum Iesum Christum uisibilium omnium et inuisibilium creatorem cum eternum(!) patri qui uiuit et regnad in secula seculorum. (Ed)
  • A. Franz, Die kirchlichen Benediktionen im Mittelalter 2 (Freiburg 1909), pp. 587-596, from this ms.
  • 99r Autor: Anonymous Titel: Computus Rubrizierung: Incipit compotus per circulum anani (!). 9 tables.
  • 99v Autor: Anonymous Rubrizierung: Incipit orilegius. Incipit: Ianuarius et december ora i et xi pedes xxviiii Explicit: ora vi pedem i.
  • 99v Autor: Anonymous Rubrizierung: De IIII tempora (!). Incipit: Sanctus agustinus episcopus adloquitur de anni temporibus Explicit: tempus autumni est.
  • 99v-100r Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Synonymi sive glossae ad ordinem baptisterii pertinentes . Incipit: Respicere, uidere uel considerare; a rudimenta, a docuamenta(!); cecitate, ignorantiam cordis Explicit: oriatur, exsurgad; perenno, ostende; largire, donare. Written as continuous prose, usually with single dot for punctuation bewteen entries. Words are drawn from an Ordo baptisterii plus Canon Missae; cf. edition of the Liber sacramentorum Gellonensis, in CCSL 159, sections 2217-2220, 2222, 2228-2229, 2234, 2236, 2238, 2242, 2315, 2317a-f, 2323, 2373, 1933-1941, 1943, 1944(?); last 14 sets of synonyms ("almifico, sancto largire, donare") not identified.
  • 100r-v Autor: Anonymous . Titel: De arcu caeli . Incipit: Arcus autem qui in nubibus aparet, posuit enim deus in testamentum Explicit: xl annus ante diem iudicii non erit uisurus.
  • 100v Additions after text: "non visurum se mortem nisi videret christum domini. Oportet nos." Followed by Epiphany antiphon, with neumes: "Hodie caelestis sponso iuncta est ecclesia " ; and at bottom of page: "Si quis non hamat dominum Iesum Christum sit anathema maratha" ; and other pen trials.
  • REL-RPD Blank. RPD is parchment, with faint offprint from a printed text.


  • Hartzheim, pp. 15-16.
  • Jaffé-Wattenbach, pp. 6-7.
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  • The Medieval Manuscripts of the Cologne Cathedral Library. Volume I, MSS. 1-100. By Diane Warne Anderson and Jonathan Black, edited by Diane Warne Anderson. [Digitaler Volltext]
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