Beschreibung von Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 17

Bibliographische Beschreibung

Lower Rhineland (Köln ?)
9c 1/3
i(paper) + 103 + i(paper).
295 mm x 210 mm
Persistenter Identifier
urn:nbn:de:hbz:kn28-3-7809 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Weitere Angaben
Köln, Dombibliothek Hs. 17
HMML Microfilm-No.: 35,012
Frühere Signatur
"102" (earlier shelf mark, f. 2r)

Zustand und Zusammensetzung

F. 22 is torn in middle.
[1], i-iv8, v4, vi6, vii-xiii8, xiv6-1 (lacks original 5th, no loss to main text; 2nd [100] is pasted to 3rd, last [103] was previously pasted down to RC), [1]. Signed "q. i"-"q. v"; remaining signatures cropped at bottom.
Written space: 230 mm x 155 mm ( 71 mm each column, 15 mm between columns). 25-26 lines. 2 columns. Dry-point ruling, single bounding lines for each column, except in quire i, which is ruled with double bounding lines for each column, but the interior bounding lines of each column are ignored by the scribe after f. 4r prickings at outer bounding line text above top line.

Schrift und Hände

littera carolina, except text in uncials ff. 2v-3r; ; . 5 principal hands: ; ; ; ; . .

relieving hands on ff. 80vb and 82ra-b use pre-caroline forms of "t" etc.

hand B alternates caroline form of "g" with pre-caroline or Anglo-Saxon form and also uses uncial form

A: ff. 3v-16

B: 16v-36v and 42v-96ra line 14

C: 37-42

D: 96ra line 14 -98rb line 6

E: 98rb line 7 -102ra

Other hands on f. 80r, 82r, 102r, and 102v

Named scribes: Bererger(?)



  • Title/incipit page (f. 2r) in brown square capitals with white outline on brown background (ball-serif decorations), in 2 columns surrounded and divided by geometric decorated border (Greek key, diamonds and circles).
  • Three minor initials, pen decorated and filled with red and surrounded by red dots ff. 89vb-90rb.
  • Colophon f. 6va in rustic capitals, elsewhere tituli in uncials (red f. 81v).
  • Scribal colophon or additional pen trials, f. 102v: "Bererger" (scribe?);
  • and "Tres digi[ti scri]bunt tota membra laborant arniser(?)".


Some marginalia in top or bottom margin. Final columns of some gatherings are short, even when the next gathering is in the same hand. Lacuna in text with nearly two columns left blank from top of f. 70vb to 71rb (middle of quire x).


  • Vorderseite Jaffé, codex 17, saec. IX./ continens 103 folia./ Regula evangeliroum quatuor." ( 19c title).
  • FELr-v R : 20c readers' register. V : Blank. Parchment binding stub pasted after FEL (and before REL) with text in 14c hand, 4 lines of text visible.
  • 1r-v R : Pen trials. V : Blank (faint offprint from 2r ).
  • 2r-6va Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Regula Evangeliorum Rubrizierung: Regulam evangeliorum quattuor. Incipit: Mattheus regulam iustitiae tenens (2v) incipit ab abraham originem enumerare, qui est pater fidei Explicit: ad gentes perrexisse. This and following two items may be parts of unified work. This ms. is apparently the only extant copy (see Bischoff, "Der Brief des Hohenpriesters Annas ", p. 5).
  • 6vb-19vb Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Commentary on the Gospels . Incipit: Et a transmigratione babyllonis usque ad christum generationes quattuor Explicit: conversacionem suam effectos. Finit capitulum tertium. Cf. Stegmüller 2245
  • 19vb-99rb Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Commentary on the Gospels (continued). Rubrizierung: Incipiunt singula capitula ad breve lectionem quem vellis celerius invenias. Incipit: Quia omnes quattuor evangelistae de uno deo et domino (corr. ex "dominus") nostro dixerunt, sic intellegimus ut caeteris Explicit: scilicet gloria et potentia eius. Explicit tractatus evangeliorum feliciter. Capitula listed on ff. 19vb-22va (129 for Matt., 12 for Luke, 18 for John). Titulus on f. 22va (before Matt.) has "Evangelium Cata Marcam." After the first line of cap. CVII in Matt. ( 70vb line 4) there are two blank columns (text lacuna), and the text resumes at the top of 71rb in the middle of cap. CVIII.
  • 99rb-102ra (4) Anonymous ( 4c ). Titel: De superbia et idolis (Epistola Anne ad Senecam) Rubrizierung: Incipit epistola anne ad senecam de superbia et idolis. Incipit: Pater ille ac Deus omnium mortalium, suorum amator Explicit: decurritur cymbal- (reference mark directs reader to end of column for line out of place) / -is. Quare ad illorum aras / humano sancynem(!) imbuentes ne alia deceptorum mortalio(!) religio // (text left unfinished). Finit. (Ed)
  • A. Hilhorst, Eulogia: Mélanges offerts a Antoon A.R. Bastiaensen, Instrumenta Patristica 24 (Steenbrugge 1991), pp. 149-152 (discussion and notes pp. 147-148, 153-161).
  • B. Bischoff, "Der Brief des Hohenpriesters Annas ", Anecdota novissima (Stuttgart 1984), pp. 6-9 (discussion on pp. 1-5).
  • and CPL 191a.
  • This is the only known ms. of the text. Hilhorst, op. cit. pp. 147-148, cites studies by previous scholars, who considered the author of this text to be Jewish; Hilhorst gives a new critical edition and interpretive notes on the text, and suggests that the text may be Christian in origin.
  • 102rb-103r Text on f. 102ra is repeated on f. 102rb by another hand (this hand also appears on f. 102v ). On f. 102vb , a prayer is written in yet another hand: "Summe sacerdos gloriose invenisti gratiam " . Also pen trial on f. 102v : "Quorum numerandum conscripsimus ut retributor bonorum omnium / Deus retribuit ilis(!) bona sua in uitam eternam" (and same text appears to have been written again and erased); and other pen trials, including: "Bererger" (scribe?), and "Tres digi[ti scri]bunt tota membra laborant arniser(?)" . F. 103r : Pen trials, including: "Dominus dedit dominus abstulit sicut domini(!) placuit, ita factum sit, domine" ; and drawing of a standing man with book.
  • 103v-REL-RPD Blank. Parchment binding stub pasted before REL (and after FEL ) with text in 14c hand, 4 lines of text visible.


  • Hartzheim, pp. 16-17.
  • Jaffé-Wattenbach, p. 8.
  • B. Bischoff, "Der Brief des Hohenpriesters Annas an den Philosophen Seneca", Anecdota novissima (Stuttgart 1984), pp. 1-9.


  • The Medieval Manuscripts of the Cologne Cathedral Library. Volume I, MSS. 1-100. By Diane Warne Anderson and Jonathan Black, edited by Diane Warne Anderson. [Digitaler Volltext]
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