Beschreibung von Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 2

Bibliographische Beschreibung

Rheinland (area of Köln?)
13c 4/4
i(paper) + 340 + i(paper).
347 mm x 245 mm
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urn:nbn:de:hbz:kn28-3-4919 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Weitere Angaben
Köln, Dombibliothek Hs. 2
HMML Microfilm-No.: 35,142

Zustand und Zusammensetzung

Missing folia not required for text. Blank pages or columns corresponding with ends of scriptural books occur at ends of quires viii, xxi, xxviii, xxx, and in middle of quires xiv and xxxviii (ff. 67v, 131vb, 191vb, 248vb, 264rb-v, 329rb).
[1], i1+8, ii-v8, vi10, vii-viii8, ix-x10, xi-xiii12, xiv-xviii8, xix10, xx12, xxi8-1 (lacks one at end), xxii-xxvii8, xxviii8+1 (one added after 7th), xxix10, xxx10-4 (leaves removed at end, no text lost), xxxi-xxxvii8, xxxviii10+1 (last was originally 1st of next quire), xxxix10-2 (original 1st now attached to previous quire, lacks one at end), [1]. Quire signatures I-IV, cropped off at bottom; catchwords for other quires.
Written space: 255 mm x 170 mm ( 81 mm inner column, 78 mm outer column, 11 mm mm between columns). 57 lines, except gatherings xvi-xl (ff. 148-339) have 53 lines; gathering xxviii includes some folia of each format. 2 columns, except 3 columns on f. 329v-339v for glossary of Hebrew names. Ink ruling, double bounding lines at left and right margins, 2 lines between columns, top and bottom pairs of text lines extend to edge of page and across gutter, another pair of lines across top margin for running titles prickings at edge of page, many trimmed off. text beneath top line. Scriptural book titles as running titles, except none on ff. 149v-164v (Job 40 through all of Psalms), and none on ff. 216r-218r (Jeremiah 50 through Baruch 2).

Schrift und Hände

13c littera gothica media Two hands, alternating throughout.


  • Historiated initials for scriptural books and Psalter divisions (nine-fold); full-page historiated "I" f. 4ra (beginning of Genesis, days of creation). Pen-flourished prologue and chapter initials. Initial-space left blank on f. 325r (for Apocalypse).
  • Tituli in red minuscules. Running titles (book titles) and chapter numbers in lumpy red and blue uncials with occasional ball decoration.


Pieces of red silk (now faded and often torn) are attached to first pages of each scriptural book to protect the illuminated initials. Some marginal corrections and glosses, 13c-15c cursive hands.

Geschichte der Handschrift

15c notarial notice: "Hunc librum emit venerabilis ac nobilis dominus Mauricius Comes de speigelbergh canonicus maioris ecclesie Coloniensis ac prepositus embricensis traiectensis diocesis , ab Johanne gurdelmecher cive coloniensi, presentibus patre dicti Iohannis Adriano Coci de Goirl et me Nicolao de Tweenbergis Bedello studii Coloniensis iurato, qui hec propria mea manu in veritatis testimonium scripsi subscripsi et signavi. / Per me Nicolaum de Twenbergis Notarium publicum et dicti studii Bedellum iuratum" (f. 1r; ed. Jaffé-Wattenbach, p. 2); 19c-20c title and description (Vordere_Innenseite), "2" (shelfmark, FEL); "15,48" (Hintere_Innenseite).


  • Vorderseite 2./ Jaffé, codex 2, saec. XIII. continet folia 339./ Hieronymi bibliotheca divina. ( 19c title).
  • FEL R : 2 (shelf mark). V : Blank.
  • 1r 39 (earlier shelf mark); mnemonic verses for the books of the Bible, added in 15c hand, Incipit: Versus bis bini sequentes bis quoque trini Explicit: Jo. Jud. Apochalipsim. (Ed)
  • Jaffé-Wattenbach, pp. 1-2 (= Walther 20247a , taken from this ms.).
  • Followed by 15c notarial notice of purchase of this codex, in a different hand from the verses (see owner marks, above).
  • 1v Blank.
  • 2ra-329ra (1) Titel: Vulgate Bible Rubrizierung: Incipit epistola sancti Ieronimi ad paulinum de omnibus divine hystorie libris. Incipit: (Prol) Frater ambrosius tua michi munuscula perferens. Scriptural books, preceded by prologues, are present in following order (numbers in parentheses indicate prologue number in Stegmüller): Genesis (284, 285), Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua (311), Judges, Ruth presented as cap. 20(second half)-23 of Judges, I-IV Kings (= I-II Samuel + I-II Kings; 323), I-II Chronicles (= Paralipomenon; 328), I Ezra (330), Nehemiah, III Ezra entitled "II Esdras", Tobit (prol. not in Stegmüller: "Tobi filius aniahel ex tribu [= Berger, Les Préfaces (Paris 1904) nr. 47 ]; and 332), Judith (335), Esther (341, 343), Job (text expl. " et plenus dierum. Sic interpretatur de syriaco libro in terra aquilone inhabitans filiorum esau filius baldac" [cf. Jerome's translation from the Septuagint, PL 29:118 and notes 117-118, and P. de Lagarde, Die Hieronymus Übertragung der griechische Übersetzung des Iob: Mittheilungen 2 (Göttingen 1887), p. 237 (not seen); see also notes in Sabatier, Bibliorum Sanctorum.. . I (1743), pp. 908-909; prol. 344, 357, 350), Psalms, Proverbs (457, 455 [expl. " dubiis commendare"]), Ecclesiastes (462), Song, Wisdom (468), Ecclesiasticus, Isaiah (482), Jeremiah (487), Lamentations, Baruch (491), Ezekiel (492), Daniel (494), Hosea (500, 499, 507), Joel (511, 510), Amos (515, 512, 513), Obediah (519, 517), Jonah (524, 521), Micah (526), Nahum (528 [expl. " huius demonstrabitur"]), Habakkuk (531), Zephaniah (534), Haggai (538, 535), Zechariah (539), Malachi (543), I-II Maccabees (547, 553, 551), Matthew (590/591), Mark (607), Luke (Luke 1:1-4 ["Quoniam ueritatem"] before prologue 620), John (624), Pauline Epistles (prol. for Romans is actually capitula-list, written as continuous prose, Incipit: "Paulus vocatus apostolus fidem romanorum predicare in uniuerso mundo Explicit: et ceteris adiutoribus eius for other Pauline epistles: 684/685, 699, 707, 715, 728, 736, 747, 752, 765, 772, 780, 783, 793/794), Acts (640), Catholic Epistles (809; III John presented as 2 John cap. 2), Apocalypse (839). Acts placed between Pauline and Catholic Epistles. No prefaces for Psalms. No lists of capitula. In margin, f. 149v , after Job, "Albertus Mag.: Rationalis vita quae dissoluta ."; longer ending for Job marked with paragraph marker by later hand (at "Sic interpretatur "). Nine-fold division of Psalter (ferial divisions--none for Ps. 109--plus Pss. 51 and 101). Blank pages or columns at ends of some scriptural books (see collation above).
  • 329va-339vb Autor: Anonymous . Titel: Glossary of Hebrew Names . Incipit: Adam interpretur homo vel terrenus Explicit: Zeth - pavor uel uita uel uiuacitas. Cf. Stegmüller 10258 and 10278.
  • REL Blank.



  • The Medieval Manuscripts of the Cologne Cathedral Library. Volume I, MSS. 1-100. By Diane Warne Anderson and Jonathan Black, edited by Diane Warne Anderson. [Digitaler Volltext]
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