Beschreibung von Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 51

Bibliographische Beschreibung

i(paper) + 208 + i(paper).
350 mm x 255 mm
Persistenter Identifier
urn:nbn:de:hbz:kn28-3-5956 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Weitere Angaben
Köln, Dombibliothek Hs. 51
HMML Microfilm-No.: 35,011
Frühere Signatur
"38" (earlier shelf mark, f. 1r)

Zustand und Zusammensetzung

[1] (paper FEL attached to stub of former parchment FEL), i-vii8, viii4, ix-xvi8 (quire xv misplaced, belongs after xii), xvii2-1 (lacks one at front, before f. 125, no text missing; perhaps originally with next quire), xviii6 (perhaps with previous leaf, originally 8 minus last), xix-xxvi8, xxvii8+1 (one added at end [204]), xxviii4 (lower half of last leaf excised, no loss to main text), [1]. Quire signatures I-XV; XIII on first folium recto (93r).
Written space: 273 mm x 200 mm ( 87 mm each column, 25 mm between columns). 31 lines. 2 columns. Dry-point ruling, double bounding lines on both sides of each column prickings at outer bounding line. text above top line

Schrift und Hände

8/9c littera carolina. Many hands; see L.W. Jones, The Script of Cologne , pp. 35-37. "Hildoardus" erased at bottom of f. 84v (end of quire xi), perhaps one of the scribes.


  • 5- to 10-line pen-decorated initials (simple interlace or geometric);
  • some spaces for initials or tituli left blank, a few added later;
  • titulus f. 1r in 3-line square capitals with alternate lines red and brown, first line of text in small square capitals plus 4 lines in uncials, alternating red and brown;
  • elsewhere first lines in brown uncials.


Few marginalia.

Geschichte der Handschrift

Written in time of Bp. Hildebald (785-819) , according to the inscription recorded by Hartzheim: "In fronte libri: Liber sub pio Patre Hildebaldo scriptus," from parchment flyleaf now excised; paper front flyleaf is attached to 8- or 9c stub which may be the remains of the old parchment flyleaf, on which are visible a few letters that appear in offprint in the middle of f. 1r. This ms. is one of the four Bischoff named as being among those which without any doubt originated at Köln ("Panorama ", loc. cit.). Listed in the Köln catalogue of 833. According to the editor of the text ( CCSL 75, pp. x-xii), most of this ms. is copied from the same exemplar as Paris, BN lat. 12155, which is written in the second half of the 8c in "ab" script (see Omss below). 14c notes at end of quires xii(92v), xiv(108v) and xv(116v) indicate the proper order for reading the text, since quire xv belongs betweem xii and xiii (see also text commentary below).
Hildebaldan ex libris apparently was on parchment flyleaf now lost (see comments below); see also f. 208v.


  • Vorderseite "Jaffé, codex 51./ continet folia 208 / saec. VIII./ Hieronymi comment. in Ezechielem / libr. VII-XIV." ( 19c title).
  • FEL Blank, except for a few letters still extant on verso of parchment stub to which FEL is attached: "us / ero / qu" (see codicology section).
  • 1r-208r Autor: Jerome (c.342-420) Titel: Commentariorum in Hiezechielem libri VII-XIV Rubrizierung: Incipit prologus sancti Iieronimi super hiezecihel propheta(!). Incipit: (Prol) Olim pueri legimus, nihil tam facile est Incipit: (Text f. 2r) Et factus est (Eze.20:45-49) Quid significet pone uel obfirma fatiem tuam Explicit: isdem discipulis repromittens, Ecce ego uobiscum sum usque ("usque" in ras.) ad consummationem saeculi (Matt. 28:20). (Ed)
  • CCSL 75, pp. 277-743.
  • PL 25:199A-490D.
  • see also Clavis, nr. 587, and Stegmüller, nr. 3357.
  • (Omss) According to editor ( CCSL 75, pp. x-xii ), Books 7-11 and 14 in this ms. are copied from the same exemplar as Paris, BN lat. 12155 (in "ab" script, 8c 2/2 ; see D. Ganz, op. cit. pp. 48-56 , esp. 50 and 52, and CLA 5.623 ), but Books 12-13 are copied from a different exemplar; see also BHM II, nr. 213 . As editor notes ( CCSL 75, p. X), one may deduce from the titulus that this ms. never contained the first six books. Quire xv (ff. 109-166) belongs after f. 92v (text: fortitudo quae ad inferna effundentes eorum sanguinem = CCSL 75 pp. 461-477, Book 10 lines 850-1364); text which was omitted f. 134rb (prophetalem de qua aelam portae aequalem = CCSL 75 pp. 553-556, Book 12 lines 149-224) is inserted on ff. 135va-136vb (after: species quasi species aeris = CCSL 75 p. 558, Book 12 line 298). Other sections completely omitted as follows: 136vb lacks: non solum et intro- = CCSL 75 pp. 558-578, Book 12 lines 298-882; f. 139va lacks: respiciebat domus quae = CCSL 75 pp. 583-593, Book 12 lines 1030-1328; f. 153va lacks: et uox qui scilicet = CCSL 75 pp. 621-631, Book 13 lines 486-787; f. 165ra lacks: -dum iubet unde et = CCSL 75 pp. 657-662, Book 13 lines 1529-1671; f. 165rb-v blank. Explicit is followed by pen trial, partially rubbed out.
  • 208v Two accentual hexameters added in uncial, 9c : "Hanc domum intrantes conserua mitissime Christe / et tuis hic famulis sit tua protectio sancta." Another 2-line note, partially erased; and pen trials.
  • REL-RPD Blank.



  • The Medieval Manuscripts of the Cologne Cathedral Library. Volume I, MSS. 1-100. By Diane Warne Anderson and Jonathan Black, edited by Diane Warne Anderson. [Digitaler Volltext]
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