Beschreibung von Köln, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 87

Bibliographische Beschreibung

LECTIONARIUM; and SACRAMENTARIUM (incomplete)(ad usum Coloniensis Ecclesiae Metropolitanae
Köln (?)
iii(paper) + 212 + i(paper).
268 mm x 190 mm
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urn:nbn:de:hbz:kn28-3-8282 Persistent Identifier (URN)
Weitere Angaben
Köln, Dombibliothek Hs. 87
HMML Microfilm-No.: 35,097
Frühere Signatur
"132" (earlier shelf mark, FEL iiir).

Zustand und Zusammensetzung

Several quires lacking between ff. 198-199; ff. 1-171 (lectionary) perhaps a separate manuscript originally; folia at front and end of codex especially damaged.
[3], I8, ii10 (central bifolium is contemporary smaller sheet, folia are 138 x 94 mm), iii-xxii8, xxiii4, xxiv-xxv8, xxvi8+1 (one added after 6th), xxvii4+1 (one added at end), [1]. No quire signatures. ff. 1-171 (lectionary) perhaps a separate manuscript originally; relation of ff. 172-178 and last few folia to rest of codex is unclear; ff. 13-14 quarter-size sheets, added 12c
Written space: 210 mm x 150 mm 24 or 23 lines. ¶ Long lines. Dry-point ruling, double bounding lines, top and bottom text lines go to edge of page and across gutter prickings at edge of page. text above top line

Schrift und Hände

littera carolina. One hand ff. 1v-171r, many hands thereafter.


  • 1- to 4-line simple red initials;
  • tituli in red mixed majuscules or minuscules, except black mixed majuscules stroked with color ff. 172r-174v, 179v-180r (also first lines of ordo missae 179v).


Added phrases in margins with neumes ff. 34v-35r, 155v-156v; additional texts ff. 202v-204r.

Geschichte der Handschrift

ff. 1-171 (lectionary) perhaps a separate manuscript originally; relation of ff. 172-178 and last few folia to rest of codex is unclear; Codex presumably was used by the Confraternity of St. Lambert, whose members are listed ff. 1r and 211v-212r (12/13c); no external evidence for this confraternity has been found, outside of this codex; possibly associated with the chapel of St. Lambert which is known to have been located at the northwest corner of the Köln Cathedral complex, by the north gate in the old Roman wall.


  • Vorderseite "Biblioth. Eccl. Metrop. Colon. / Jaffé, codex 87 / continet folia 212 / saec. XII./ Lectionarium./ Lectiones et evangelia omnium missarum / secundum ordinem Eccl. Colon./ deinde / Liber sacramentorum a S. Gregorio papa" ( 19c title).
  • FEL i-ii Blank.
  • FEL iiir-v
    • FEL iiir : "132" (earlier shelf mark);
    • FEL iiir-v : description of contents, probably by Hartzheim, Incipit: Codex 87.a.b. Continet primo lectionarium / hoc est Lectiones et Evangelia omnium missarum de tempore et de festis sanctorum secundum ordinem Ecclesiae Coloniensis Explicit: Benedictio cerei paschalis.
  • 1r Antiphon with neumes, Incipit: Domine, non secundum peccata nostra facias nobis (Ps.102:10 + 78:8-9) Explicit: et propicius esto peccatis. Cf. Brou-Vives, Antifonario Visigotico Mozarabe de la Catedral de Leon, f. 121v, 12-13, 120v, 11-13, 122v, 2 .
  • 1r Two lists of over 100 names total, both men and women. Incipit: (List 1) Teodericus rufus christian(?) durodei Explicit: XII denarios. Incipit: (List 2) Harmannus ("Gerardus" suprascript) eclesiasticus, helias, Mechtild Explicit: Godefrat, Tiderich, Giselbret. Added later, 12c; first, shorter list includes three with money quantities; presumably these names are "confratres Beati Lamberti", as on f. 211v. Followed by obituary notices for two women "Iuta uxor Wenirici de Burlisdorp" and "Elixabeth(?) mater episcopi" (13c; edited in Jaffé-Wattenbach, p. 33).
  • 1v-171v (1) Titel: Lectionarium (ad usum Coloniense) - de tempore et de festis, commune sanctorum, missae votivae. From Christmas Eve to 4th Saturday in Advent (4th Sunday omitted by homoeoteleuton), followed by Common of the Saints and votive masses; includes OT, NT and gospels; lections for nativity of BVM added f. 171r-v.
  • 172r-174v (2) Titel: Sacramentarium - fragment. Votive masses and single prayers (pro rege, pro pontifici, missa sacerdotis, generalis, pro amico, de sanctis) by same hand as writes f. 211v; these three folia perhaps belong after f. 211.
  • 175r-179r (3) Titel: Sacramentarium - fragment. F. 175r: Nicene Creed (added later). Ff. 175v-179r: ten votive masses for private needs; four of these include lections.
  • 179v-212v (4) Titel: Sacramentarium gregorianum (ad usum Coloniense, non-monastic) (incomplete). Rubrizierung: In nomine domini incipit liber sacramentorum de circulo anni expositus a sancto gregorio papa romano. In aduentu domini. Incipit: [with canon missae through f. 183r; f. 183v inc. aduentus domini (bis)] (Ed)
  • For circulum anni: cf. Deshusses 1, pp. 294-302, 85-92, 98-160.
  • see also Clavis 1902 and 1903.
  • (Omss) Köln, Dombibl. 88 and 137 . Ff. 179v-198v: first Sunday in Advent to Saturday after 3rd Sunday in Lent, (expl. mut.) " mala quae fecimus ut tuae conso-" //; (after lacuna, inc. mut. f. 199r) // " -bentes beneficia potiora sumamus " (September, Feria VI ad apostolos, Deshusses nr. 711); followed by: ff. 199v-202v: mass for church with relics, daily and various votive masses; ff. 203r-210r: masses for the dead; ff. 210r-212v: additional prayers and masses in various hands (see also incipit 2 above); 13c additions in margins ff. 202v-204r (pro episcopis, pro patre et matre); ff. 180v-181v erased and rewritten (12c); antiphons and versicules included ff. 206v-208r, some with neumes.
  • 211v-212v Five lists of names of men and women, added in margins ( 12/13c ) including one with the following heading: Incipit: Hec sunt nomina confratrum beati lamberti (see also Jaffé-Wattenbach, p. 33 ); presumably all names here and on f. 1v are of same confraternity; many names apparently paired as husband and wife.
  • REL-RPD Blank.


  • Hartzheim, pp. 49 and 122.
  • Jaffé-Wattenbach, pp. 32-33.
  • E. Bourque, Étude sur les sacramentaires romains 2 (Rome, 1958), nr. 467.
  • DACL 3.2:2189-2190 ***


  • The Medieval Manuscripts of the Cologne Cathedral Library. Volume I, MSS. 1-100. By Diane Warne Anderson and Jonathan Black, edited by Diane Warne Anderson. [Digitaler Volltext]
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